Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author of One Hundred Years of Solitude  (via wastesparetime)

"Letter to 17-Year-Old Me", An Original Poem

Mary Lou may shoot you smiles left and right,
but prom wasn’t a mutual agenda,
so your date to the dance
degrades you to tears.

The greenbacks you trusted in baseball,
lush green fields, and the sun warming your face
are batted out of the park,
never to be seen again.

Academia actually abandons you
so college is a waste of time,
though your professors’ lectures
inspire you to write (to little success).

Corporate highrise shadows leave you in the dark:
without employ, purpose, companion.

Midlife crisis opens R.G. Books
on the corner of Frost and Poe,
where half the customers wandering the aisles
leave with the smile they came with,
only a memory for you to keep
in your empty pockets.

Now, I don’t mean to discourage you,
as I feel I might have.
You may scoff in disbelief,
knowing you’ll do better.
But I know you won’t,
because nothing could champion the life I’ve known.

I invested my dreams
in friends, fortunes, futures.
And I didn’t achieve what I had hoped for;
I was rewarded with more.

So thank you, me,
for dreaming, hoping,
planning, adventuring,
exploring, progressing,
and getting me here:
seventy years later,
with but a life of memories
to comfort me.



A Quick 4th of July Story

So this happened earlier.
I’m with my family in our Greek village, where we’re staying for the summer.
My brother and I biked to the village general store this afternoon to buy some cheese or whatever.
Some lady pops into the store and recognizes us. She starts up a conversation with my bro and at one point asks: “Where’s it better: here in Greece or back home in the U.S.?”
The obvious answer here is that USA is like 20 times better, but in order to make the ladies happy we tell them we prefer Greece. That’s just what you do.
So we tell her that. She responds with “Of course it’s better here! You kids have much more freedom here to do whatever you want.”
Hold the eff up lady.
You really mean to tell me that I’m more free here in Greece that in the USA, the FREE-EST COUNTRY ON EARTH, on the 4th of July??????
Nope. Nuh-uh. Goodbye.